Your vision is within your reach.

I believe that vision and inspiration come from our personal experiences. With a background in engineering and mechanical design I am motivated and inspired by the fit, form and function of things. I also believe that design and creativity are a derivative of constructionism which connects experiential learning through experimental building.

I define success in form and function as a marriage intent on creating a perfect fit. The form of a piece is shaped within our mind and the function is that long term relationship between you and that idea or object.

The finished product develops through the materials used, the joints and connections, the scale, the angles and shape as well as the production process required.

It’s an exciting feeling when a vision can be realized. We attempt this thousands of times in our lives. We engage in this process when choosing items for our home. It is very personal and at the same time very revealing.

Therefore it is important to take some time considering what your needs are, your desires, your budget and your personal style.

At PAB we offer an opportunity for you to realize that vision within your living space.

Call, e-mail or browse and when convenient we can discuss your vision.

Philip Brown